About W’wave

About W’wave

W’wave is the wind pioneer in Concentrated Wind Power solutions, a new technology that will decisively support the wind industry and world in its quest to fight Climate Change and make renewable energy more competititve.

We are specialised in designing, sourcing and manufacturing, installing, and developing Concentrated Wind Power Systems (in short, our WindWave), a new technology to Optimize Wind in wind farms so that its turbines can harvest more energy at lower cost, empowering our customers and partners to construct more powerful wind farms siting turbines closer to each other.

The technology is constantly developing to offer our customers and collaborators better product features and a better collaboration experience. Thanks to our involvement with all the wind energy industry’s value chain, it will be installed across the globe.

The early origins of W’wave date back to 2014 in Brazil. Brazil is a country with extraordinary wind resource and one particularity: Wind blows in a very constant direction. On the other hand, the natural wind site characteristics clearly influence siting of wind turbines and the quality of the wind resource (as an example, this is the reason why turbines are often sited on top of mountains, benefitting from wind’s acceleration in those areas). Manuel Alcocer, W’wave CEO & Co-founder, who was working by then in the wind industry in Brazil, realized the potential to optimize wind by modifying artificially the site and started researching the state of the art in his spare time. This is how he got to know Peter Grabau, W’wave CTO & Co-founder, a veteran of the Danish wind industry, who had held important management positions in the innovation departments of large corporations of the wind industry.

At one point in time, in front of what they considered to be an enormous technology and business opportunity, they decide to quit their corporate jobs to develop full-time a new market for their innovative hardware.

In the way, they got alongside extraordinary partners and professionals from the wind and aeronautical industries that would accompany them in the journey: Pablo Sánchez de Cuns, Alex Domene, Albert Martí, Dr Mathias Mier are to be credited for the early development of W’wave, the pioneer of Concentrated Wind Power, a new technology to Optimize Wind in wind farms for the benefit of the whole wind industry value chain and, ultimately, Society.


The Founders

Manuel Alcocer

W’wave® CEO & Co-founder. Manuel has +14 years experience in the energy industry. He held during 8 years several management positions in Sales, Business Development and Strategy at wind turbine manufacturer Vestas. In 2018, he decides to co-found W’wave with Peter Grabau to develop the concept and the technology from scratch and to lead the entry in the market, securing seed financing. He holds a MSc in Industrial Engineering from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and an MBA from INSEAD.

Founder & CEO

Peter Grabau

W’wave® CTO & Co-founder. Peter is an expert on innovation and patents in the wind energy industry, having led technical teams to effectively bring to market innovative technological concepts. Throughout his 30-year professional career, Peter has held executive positions as innovation responsible in major wind energy corporations first as R&D Director and Head of Innovation & Patents in LM, and later as R&D Director for Blades & Innovation at Envision, one of the Chinese turbine manufacturing leaders. Innovation is in his veins: He has been inventor in more than 60 patents and founded 2 ventures with one successful exit. He is Danish and has lived 7 years in China.

CTO & Founder

Concept Development 2005-2018.

W’wave Co-founder Peter Grabau, as Director of innovation and Patents at LM Glassfiber (today LM Wind Power, a GE company) developed the first realizations and patents on the concept. Such proto-designs were, however, not efficient enough to enable commercial deployment.

W’wave Co-founder Manuel Alcocer, as Business Development executive at Vestas in Brazil, discovered the potential of the concept enlightened by Brazil’s unidirectional and constant winds. His research on the concept and studies on the state of the art led him to know Peter Grabau and to develop the first Intellectual Property Rights.


Company Launch 2018

Manuel Alcocer and Peter Grabau launch W’wave (Registered name: Winnowave SL) in 2018, starting the journey towards the commercialization of a new wind technology. Aided by our first two collaborators, Pablo Sánchez and Alex Domene, the company wins the first prize at Innoenergy’s Cleantech Startup Competition.


Proof of concept and product development 2019-2021

With the support of private angel investors, ENISA & CDTI, W’wave performs the first experimental assessments of the potential of Concentrated Wind Power and develops the first models for its structures.



Developing first large-scale installation at commercial wind farms.

Working with developers, wind turbine manufacturers and structures manufacturers to perform first large-scale projects, mainly in USA, China, Spain, Brazil, India, Mexico, Kuwait & Chile.